Friday, May 9, 2008

these R the thoughts..

..that pass by my brain more often than wanted. That I love 90's and 80's music. That I do actually enjoy watching movies. That Seinfeld is still the most enterteining to watch. That I hate men of the 21st century. That I love to write but hate to write about love. That I miss being alone, and now that I am I feel lost. That I love my job, even though sometimes I critize it. That I enjoy driving, specially highways with no traffic. That my mom thinks I see here like a monster, and I don't. I really don't. I actually love her, a lot. That I want to read, read, read. That I want to become a famous writer. That I fear starving to death. That I want to have a makeover, body and soul. That I want you to want me. That I hate writing this. That I feel stupid. That I know in the bottom I dont really give a shit. That im not even sure I like journalism. I just want a write a stupid book. Not so stupid though. An amazing book:). Many amazing books. That now I feel corny. And happy, and sad, at the same time. That I don't really feel like going out. That im listening to sad songs, who the hell knows why. Or why im writing in english for that matter. That I want to drink away. So many thoughts, so many things to say. Im getting that drink.


victor_marin said...

Annie ('cause I´m writing in english),

What a nice writing! Totally loved it! I missed your blog, your writings. That's why I loved so much this post.

And you know what? I don't care if you're going to write a stupid book. I'll be the first in the line to buy it. I'll be the first in the line for you to sign it for me,

luv ya


bebamcy said...

Desde El blog Oficial de KaThY21
te hacemos entrega el premio: "Al buen corazón", Felicitaciones!!!.


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