Sunday, November 14, 2010

overblown/wordy vol.1: kala

Lexotanil is a drug that has a soporific effect. I just gave half a pill to my Golden Retriever in order to damp her fears and propitiate her. Kala's small black eyes look refulgent as she wonders how she suddenly feels assuaged. Every time there's a storm, she becomes impetuous and alarmed, she cries and screams in vexation, and her whole body trembles. After 20 minutes of what I would call a plethora of lightning and rain, the storm abated

Right now, Kala stays phlegmatic against the pristine glass door that divides the living room from the study, where I'm currently writing this turgid essay. I feel happy the drug was able to mollify her, last time it rained I thought she would get a heart attack. The back yard is completely flooded, so much that it is untenable, even for Kala to go to the bathroom. Golden retrievers have been touted of being the friendliest dogs on Earth. Of course, I have complete proclivity to agree with this laudatory statement and I hope people don't mistake it for hubris

Sometimes people come here and fawn over how beautiful her face is or how loving and innocuous she is. In the other hand, some very few people, such as my friend Claudia, feel that Kala lacks decorum, hence she's annoying, so she gets treated with derision. The only thing that bothers me about my dog is that any type of food (even a pill) has a pungent smell for her, so she begs me to let her eat it. Some people have a glib outlook on dogs, they don't realize what amazing companions they are. In general though, Kala is amenable to most people. 

She's six years old and as she gets older I realize how she's really not immutable. For example, three years a go she wasn't afraid of rain. Now she is. Even though she looks innocuous, I have to say, she can be inimical to some people. The good thing is that she has a six sense of knowing who to be harmful to. She only attacks very mean people. Last time I traveled north, I bought her a quixotic necklace that my mother has grown to hate because it makes a din sound when she starts to run around rapidly throughout the house.  

My mother always says dogs are like babies. You have to take good care of them all the time. In our experience,  pervasive flees in our backyard have made her very sick a couple of times. Sick enough to take her the vet and be treated with medication. Anytime I drop a glass of water, I clean the floor thoroughly and become paranoid that she'll eat or harm herself with a shard of glass.

Many friends are allergic to her fur, even I've grown allergic to it because dust seems to accumulate in it. Three months a go we had her fur shaved, and she looked pretty funny, some people said she looked like a sheep. Her hair grew back very fast, but now its variegated with different tones of beige. It definitely rarified her, so we're happy she looks more unfeigned.

When Kala was little she misbehaved a lot. Actually, she had mostly one problem of conduct. She would pee, or take a dump, over my mother's favorite urbane rugs. Every time she would do this, I would flout her, and my mother would vituperate in disappointment. After a few minutes, Kala would feel so contrite that, with an impossible to describe attitude, she would beg for expiation or forgiveness.
Her presence has become ubiquitous in this house. She is a key element in our quotidian lives. 

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