Tuesday, August 14, 2007

lauren's retreat of the day

That day she came home to find herself exhausted. "Oh have I had a long day" she thought to herself. She went home to an empty house, an empty silence that matched with her empty soul and the horrible emptiness she felt inside. She didn't know what to do with herself anymore. She knew she was not content with her life right now. Had she stuggled through so much, for nothing at all? Life can sometimes be so odd, you do nothing at all and you could be the happiest person in the universe, but then in other occasions you do everything you have in your power and work for happiness, and even though you tried everything there is just no way to find it. Its a long way to happy, like Pink says in her new song. What the fuck, she thought as she entered the kitchen to cook dinner for one. She new she was lucky to be living in an era where microwave dinners are just as good as home made meals. She looked up her favorite lean cousin dinner plate? teriyaki chicken. And so she unwrapped the dinner, and desperately introduced it in the microwave, closed it, and pushed the DINNER MEAL button. There.. she didn't even have to think about how long it would take to cook the dinner, she now knew that in just 5 minutes she would be ready to eat her delicious meal She took a table cloth and put in the dinner table. Then, she looked for her favorite bottle of red wine and poured some in her fine crystal cup. She was hungry, but she new it was only a matter of seconds to eat. She ate what she thought of as a delight and then proceded to eat dessert, a perfectly baked flan she had in the fridge. She threw herself in the family room, even though she was the only member of that so called family. She might as well change the name to: Lauren's Recreational Room. She liked it more like that. Began to swap from channel to channel, not to her disbelief, nothing that she liked was on. So she went upstairs, undressed herself -slowly- and turned on her music in the bathroom where thee speakers gave birth to MoZella "say it aint so" and she turned the water on, just in the right hot temperature. She knew what came next: her retreat of the day: a hot, relaxing, bubble bath. She looked for her bathroom's goody drawer, and pulled out 4 vanilla canddles, her favorite vanilla bubbles, and her sponge. After 10 minutes of dripping water into the tub, she finally went in. Ohh, is this good- she thought as she indulged herself in the vanillla flavored bubble world she was submerged in. She tried not to think of anyone, or anything, other than her. This was her Lauren Alone time, and she liked it that way. She thought about her day, about work, about her life: her goals, her accomplishments and how it was all falling apart. Only one thought really comforted her: tomorrow will be another day.


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